Canada to Key West Paddle – Day 50

After a rough emotional day yesterday, today was energizing. I left the marina around 9:30 am and paddled down the canal and into the bay. As soon as I hit the bay, I checked my route so I could try to find a landmark to navigate to and realized I’d be paddling right across the large open bay. I was a bit nervous about that as there were no real boating lane here so I’d have to watch all around me for large recreational fishing boats to make sure the saw me. I picked a water tower barely visible on the Eastern Shore of the bay and I began to paddle.

My 50th Birthday – a Half Century on Planet Earth

December 13, 2015 50 years ago yesterday (December 12th, 1964)  I entered this big blue marble . 50  years of experiencing Life. What a ride its been....

Canada to Key West Paddle – Day 18

The groups leader was shouting at him to paddle harder and trying to demonstrate the proper stroke, but the kayaker was in shallow water which mean it was also meant it was much rougher and he could not get the paddle down deep enough to get a good bite on the water.

Canada to Key West Paddle – Day 52

We can fight physical challenges and often, humans do very well with the physical, but the emotional challenges are much harder to overcome. Often, failure is not due to physical limitations, but emotional ones. After lunch I began to battle my mind. While I now had a few great nights meeting wonderful people, the loneliness on the water is getting to me. This is the battle I set out to conquer as the loneliness was also affecting me in Vermont too. My mind was full of a strong desire to quit.

Eastbound – Day 13

November 22, 2013 Hamilton, IN 134,777.7 (225.4 miles) This morning started out nice enough. A bit chillier out than when we went to bed so I knew...

Seven Days till Launch and change continues

This past weekend a friend saw a news blip that a portion of the Erie Canal was to be closed (about 30 miles to be exact) just a few days before I am to start paddling it on July 1st. Well, when I set my mind to something, I don't let little things get in the way and like the water I am drawn to, I chose to push that little obstacle out of my way. How? That’s the fun part.

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