Canada to Key West Paddle – Day 22

Rounding the bend to the left I paddled up past Verplanck and then Montrose and my mind drifted back many years ago to a young man who for my parents Office Supply store in Mohegan Lake, NY. While he was a little older than I, he made it a point to tell me how he admired me. Why, I will never know, but he did. While his name now hides from my memory, he does not.

Canada to Key West Paddle – Day 20

Pulling out from the shore I was again reminded of how rich this area is with free public parks where people can get out and enjoy the water. Why more people are not taking advantage of these places is beyond me. These free parks should be full of people on such a hot summer day and yet, there were 6 people in all there.

Winning the Lottery…of Life

Every once in a while I come across some's Blog, Article or book that hits home for me. Today I came across two and...

Eastbound – Day 16

November 25, 2013 Hoosick Falls, NY 135,590.2 (273.3 miles) Our first full day back in New York and back on familiar ground. We spent last night...

Lake Disston Florida

Like me, Thea and David live on a lake facing west. This means we’re treated to some spectacular sunsets and tonight would be no different. I could have taken a hundred pictures of that spectacular sunset and still not captured its beauty.

Canada to Key West Paddle – Day 27

Laying down on the pier, I was able to reach my gear in the kayak that was heaving up and down in the waves. I removed the lashings and threw my gear up onto the pier bag by bag. I was just getting the last of it when I realized the few people on the Pier had grown to many people. I asked one of them what they were waiting for and one guy pointed to an inbound ferry. I got worried. The kayak was right between the Pier and the Barge.

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