Canada to Key West Paddle – Day 53

I awoke this morning feeling down, but this time it wasn’t from the paddling or what lay ahead, but today was Lexie’s 13th Birthday. I should have been planning a nice steak dinner for my little girl and not paddling 2000 miles trying to find Life after Death, but she’s no longer here and that is what I’m doing. Mommy and I miss you terribly Peanut.

Canada to Key West Paddle – Day 13

As the Barge was approaching me from the front, they were approaching me now from the back though they pulled to Starboard. Just as the barge got to us, I heard a large BANG. I stopped paddling, which meant the wind was now blowing me backwards and as soon as the barge was past us, I saw their boat immobilized.

From the Florida Keys to Gloucester MA

27 nautical miles north of Boston, MA lay an old fishing village located on the Inner Harbor of Gloucester, MA. A peninsula named Rocky Neck just out into this harbor and serves as home to one of the oldest continually operating art colonies in the United States, the Rocky Neck Artist Colony.

Canada to Key West Paddle – Day 26

While the Verrrazano was within sight all day, it was around 1pm when I first saw the beautiful lady in the harbor. I’ve dreamed about kayaking around the Statue of Liberty for over two years and there she was. Today would be the day another dream is fulfilled.

Canada to Key West Paddle – Day 33

My last night in my old neighborhood. It was a rather busy day. We scored some of that food I'd been looking for in the last place we looked (wink wink). The Daily Voice interviewed me today or rather tonight, just as I sat down to eat dinner. Then it was back to packing up my gear in the new dry bags.

Seattle WA

Woke up after a productive night at Dale and Colleen's home in Olympia, WA. The night before, Colleen had shown me how to tweak...

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