Canada to Key West Paddle – Day 21

I paddled on past West Point, which was impressive from the water, but I was more impressed with the steps that were carved into solid rock. After passing West Point, I came up to an old train station that said Highland Falls on it.

Canada to Key West Paddle – Day 3

After breakfast, I packed up and launched. I hadn’t even gotten out of the small island bay when I began to think that this is too much. The waves were very large and the strong wind was right on my nose making paddling difficult. I struggled on and before long I got away from the rocky shoreline, but hadn’t been making any forward progress.

Canada to Key West Paddle – Day 2

Here I am on Valcour Island. I’m running as fast as I can along the rocky shoreline trying not to slip and kill myself. Meanwhile, my hot dinner has been left on the picnic table along with everything I own as I am running as fast as I can from it.

A Bike Shop that is changing the world

In the tiny town of Hampton, NY lies a Bike Shop that is changing the world. I'd been living in Poultney, a small traditional Vermont town, for four years before leaving on my kayak trip

Flagler Beach Art and Wine Tour

We arrived in Flagler and I began to think how similar it was to Ormond. The brightly colored buildings, the smell of the ocean’s salty air, but mostly it’s the approach. To get to these beaches, you have to cross the bay.

Eastbound – Day 15

November 24, 2013 Rochester, NY 135,316.9 (196.4 miles) Each day brings a new surprise. After last night stressful drive in a snow squall that brought my visibility...

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