Canada to Key West Paddle – Day 50

After a rough emotional day yesterday, today was energizing. I left the marina around 9:30 am and paddled down the canal and into the bay. As soon as I hit the bay, I checked my route so I could try to find a landmark to navigate to and realized I’d be paddling right across the large open bay. I was a bit nervous about that as there were no real boating lane here so I’d have to watch all around me for large recreational fishing boats to make sure the saw me. I picked a water tower barely visible on the Eastern Shore of the bay and I began to paddle.

The Alternative Lifestyle

The headlines on all these stories are always the same: Man Quits Job, Couple Quits Job, Woman Quits Job. Every headline is the same in one regard... they quit their job, but that isn't true.

Canada to Key West Paddle – Day 25

I was thinking to myself; how different Manhattan looks from the water All around me traffic flew by, but their noise was barely audible. From here I could see green trees, children playing in parks and people on the river front park that runs almost the entire length of Manhattan’s West Side. This was a Manhattan I did not know and I loved it.

Eastbound – Day 14 ( Fulfilling the Dream)

November 23, 2013 Tavistock, ON, Canada 135,120.5 (342.8 miles) Today was a Milestone in my life. What started out as a childhood dream - to visit every...

Canada to Key West Paddle – Day 32

Today proved to be very busy. When I awoke, the plan for the day was to just attach four pad eyes onto the kayak for the Knee Straps that will help me stabilize the kayak in bigger water, and if I’m really good, roll it. Then we’d run to the Supermarket and pick up my food for the next thirty days. Get back, pack up and head out tomorrow morning for the re-launch. Well that was the plan anyway.

Flagler Beach Art and Wine Tour

We arrived in Flagler and I began to think how similar it was to Ormond. The brightly colored buildings, the smell of the ocean’s salty air, but mostly it’s the approach. To get to these beaches, you have to cross the bay.

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