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Larry Jensen, Founder of Wonder of Wander. A vagabond traveler exploring the world. Follow me as I take you to some amazing places and meet interesting people, all on a shoestring budget. If you like my stories, please donate below. (Click the "P" for Paypal)

Adventure precedes Adventure

As the clouds covered what little moon there was, we sat floating in the darkness of night in the middle of the water when suddenly we heard it. CHUFF! Looking toward the sound, we heard it again, CHUFF! There in the distance, we saw then, glowing in this bioluminescent water - dolphins swimming toward us.

Every Grain of Rice

Just then, the woman who asked me to take their photo earlier, looked at me and said: "would you like to join us for dinner?" Minutes later I was sitting with them enjoying a nice Indian dish, some wine and watermelon.

I Love Rocky Neck – Gloucester MA

“Are you Brenda” I ask. “Yes I am – Happy Day” she replies. “I’m Larry, Judy and Tom’s friend” I say introducing myself. “Want to go to the Farmers Market” Brenda asks.

One Year Homeless – One Year Free

Over and over these people prove the news to be wrong. The world is full of good, no - great people. People that open up their homes and hearts and welcome in a stranger, but it doesn't end there. Not only am I...

How do you pronounce these Massachusetts town names?

Massachusetts wins with their complete disregard for rules or even spelling when it comes to pronouncing their town names. So let's take a test and have some fun.

From the Florida Keys to Gloucester MA

27 nautical miles north of Boston, MA lay an old fishing village located on the Inner Harbor of Gloucester, MA. A peninsula named Rocky Neck just out into this harbor and serves as home to one of the oldest continually operating art colonies in the United States, the Rocky Neck Artist Colony.

Happy New Year 2017, Key West, Fl

Happy New Year 2017 Key West, FL Most people live with a plan. From the moment you wake up till you go to sleep, every hour of your day is planned out. Some have theirs planned out so well that they know what they need to do down to the minute. That is not my life, not even close. Sometimes I...

2016 What a ride you’ve been

I entered 2016 on a dark horse. Still in mourning over the loss of Lexie to cancer just a week earlier, I had little to celebrate. No matter how much I tried, I could not escape the cloud that hung over me. A ray of sun would break through, even if only for a moment.

Christmas in the Florida Keys

Christmas as we see it today is a by-product of the advertising industry and that industry was based in New York City so no wonder the images I saw so closely matched my experiences.

Flagler Beach Art and Wine Tour

We arrived in Flagler and I began to think how similar it was to Ormond. The brightly colored buildings, the smell of the ocean’s salty air, but mostly it’s the approach. To get to these beaches, you have to cross the bay.

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