July 9, 2014
Poultney, VT

I am a Facebook addict, its no secret. In fact, I probably know the ins and outs of Facebook better than most. I’m the administrator of numerous groups, manage numerous pages and maintain my own private feed. This also means I know how to spot scams on Facebook, I know why app developers want you to play their games and I know of all the “secret” Private Groups where people get to share their – often illegal – perversions. I know all the rules also called Terms of Service or TOS for short, I know how to use their Privacy Settings and I know how to limit my posts audience.  Yes, I know Facebook.

I also know when I am violating the rules, but I have never been one to simply follow what others tell me to do. I will push the envelope, I will test boundaries and if I think something is wrong, even a private companies TOS. In fact, Facebooks TOS have been called into court before and they have lost.

There is another aspect to my complex persona…I simply hate clothing. Well hate may be a strong word. OK, it is a strong word. I do not see a need for clothing except for when it is protecting the skin from injury. YES, I am a nudist. WHat than means is that Facebook and I have very different ideas as to what is acceptable and what is not.

Let’s take a quick look at what are acceptable images on Facebook.
approvedThere are also some others that I will NOT post. These are images of dogs, cats and other animals beheaded, boiled, tortured, hung. There are images of humans also tortured. Videos of people getting shot, burnt alive, and murdered. These images and videos are also Facebook Approved.

Now let’s take a look at what is banned.


There are numerous groups on Facebook, private groups where one can go and join to satisfy their perversions. Most of these groups simply take images off the internet and repost them into these groups for their “private” satisfaction.

Now I live by a simple motto. If it doesn’t hurt anyone, go ahead. I also believe that making someone smile is a precious gift. I first became aware of this gift when riding across the country with my dog in the custom tank bag on my motorcycle.

People would be speeding down the highway so caught up in their busy lives. Some might have been fighting with a spouse or yelling at their kids as they hurled their vehicles down the road. Then they would spot Lexie. They would stop what they were doing, slow down, take pictures, but most importantly, I could see the smiles break out across their faces.

Making someone smile. Can anything be more important than giving someone the gift of a smile? I don’t think so and I live my life helping people smile. Be it through seeing my little girl Lexie on the kayak, bike, cross country skiing or simply just sitting there in her car seat. To spotting my 78 VW Bus cruising down the road and flashing Peace Signs at me or waving. I enjoy making people smile.

So what happens when someone who isn’t body shy is also someone that likes to make people smile….THIS

As I said, I don’t really like to wear clothing and while working on a kitchen project for a friend on a hot day they didn’t have a problem with it so I got to work. I saw the flash go off and knew they just got a picture of me. I looked at it and gave the OK to post it. After all, its just a butt and my tan lines finally were gone. 😀

I knew my friend and perhaps theirs, would get a kick out of the picture and its not the first time my butts been on Facebook so it was posted.  What followed was hysterical. We were up to 80 comments before the Facebook Police deleted the picture.  The comment were all good natured and some were quite creative. All in all, people were having fun, smiling and enjoying a laugh together. Just as I had expected. Well I guess someone found it offensive and rather than click HIDE or just unfriend me, they reported it. In fact, it was reported twice. Once on my friends timeline and once on mine. I half expected this to be the end result, but it still bothered me enough to write about it.

Why is it that Americans have such a problem with the human body? We can show people getting shot on TV, we can show bloody scenes, insinuate horrific violence to another person or animal and even show pictures if we preceded it with “warning graphic images” This is all OK, but the human body…unless we are objectifying it in a Sexually Suggestive Commercial, treating it like you are supposed to look like a Barbie Doll and telling you that you are not perfect so you must do this or that, drink this or that, then and only then is it simply perverse. The FCC had even tried to fine TV Stations for showing the naked butt  in Prime Time TV. The Supreme Court ruled that they had not violated anything and reversed the fines issued by the FCC. Yes folks, the Supreme Court declared the butt to be perfectly acceptable to be shown on TV…but not on Facebook. We can even talk about getting erections, well not getting erections naturally, just chemically educed erections on TV, but we can not talk about Condoms. We can talk about the pill for everything but preventing pregnancy.

Now perhaps you find this acceptable, but I don’t and that is what is great about life. None of us are alike, but who has the right to say that the human body is perverse and must be hidden from view? If you believe in a GOD, then your GOD created the body and you should not question him or her. If you don’t, like me, then this should not even be an issue, but for some it still is.

We have been trained from birth to think that there is something wrong with the human body and it must be covered up. Some societies even think that women must be covered from head to toe with just their eyes showing while men can go around as they wish shielded from the temptation of the flesh of a woman. Other societies and more like me. Skin is skin and they wear clothing for protection. These people are thought to be – Barbaric!

What isn’t barbaric is sending in thousands of men and women to kill each other to stabilize a region so businesses can flourish. You really don’t think war is about defending our Freedom, do you? We mutilate the body, circumcising little boys and in some countries, girls as well all int he name of…ummm, cleanliness. Really? I thought soap and water cured that, not surgery.

So I must wonder, if you are so offended by something on Facebook, as I often am, why can’t you simply click on the little down arrow in the upper right corner of every post and select “I don’t want to see this”. If that is not enough, simply unfriend, unfollow or block the person. Because unless it is causing you or someone pain or harm…there is no harm by someone being them when they are not physically or mentally harming you. When I see an image (and there are many) that I don’t like or upsets me, I block it. I’m more offended by the Radio Stations stealing images and using them to promote their Pages than someones bare body, religious or political post.

Live and Let Live people!

PS. To all of you that commented on my picture. I enjoyed all of your comments. Many of you are very creative. Thanks for making me smile with your quips and I am glad I got to make you smile too. Even if it was only for one day.

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