Dinner with some local artists.

Some people have a hard time believing just how awesome the people I meet are. Can they really be that friendly? Aren’t you scared? You can’t trust people. Well, I’m proof they are that friendly, I’ve got nothing to be scared of and yes, you can trust people. I’ve been living on the road for over a year now and people; well they are just getting better. Here is a quick look into just one twenty-four hour period of my life on the road.

I had just returned from kayaking in Gloucester Harbor when I was trying to decide if I should leave my kayak there overnight. I approach two women getting ready to go kayaking so I ask them. Turns out they are not from here either. After a brief conversation, I have an invite to their cabin in Ithaca NY.

Earlier in the week, I was told that I should meet a local artist and gallery shop owner – Brenda. My hosts felt we had a lot in common. I’m headed back to my kayak when I see a very colorful woman in a very colorful car about to pull away. I park and walk up to her.

“Are you Brenda” I ask.
“Yes I am – Happy Day” she replies.
“I’m Larry, Judy and Tom’s friend” I say introducing myself.
“Want to go to the Farmers Market” Brenda asks.

Now I am not sure how many people would jump into the car of a person they just met on a street. Then again, I’m not sure how many people would invite some strange into their car, but this is Rocky Neck. This is the way of life here or at least it is for Brenda and I. Moments later we are cruising across town to the Farmers Market and sharing stories of our colorful lives. Along the way she invites me to join her and another artist for dinner at the shop.

When Judy and Tom first invited me here to Gloucester with the tease that I was within walking distance of the Rocky Neck Art Colony , this is what I envisioned. This is why I left the Florida Keys to come here in the middle of winter, but sadly, Rocky Neck is mostly closed up in the winter so I explored and read and wrote. Then I left for San Francisco.

I was crossing the US coming back East when Judy reached out to me asking if I’d like to come back, I jumped at the opportunity. Only this time I brought my kayak so I could enjoy the water and the community. I had spent two months here in the winter just dreaming of kayaking here.

It is a very interesting place. Brenda’s shop: Imagine is very unique as are all of the galleries here, but I won’t tell you why her’s stands out. You’ll have to visit and find out for yourself. That’s part of the fun here on Rocky Neck, a surprise around every bend.

Well, there is too much to see and do and the weather too perfect so it’s time for me to get back out on the water here. Let me know if you make it to Rocky Neck and tell me what surprises you found. What art did you like and what interesting people did you meet?

That you for dinner and dessert Brenda.

Happy Day from Rocky Neck
(yes, that is Brenda’s line, but I am sure she won’t mind me borrowing it)

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